About Us

Who is a KAMBAI?

KAMBAI was born out of a dream, a dream of being an entrepreneur that I had for many years. But not simply undertake. Also, I wanted to leave the imprint of my personality and values on the world.

Kambai's dream was born in 2019. During this period I did a lot of research and matured the idea. In early 2020, the decision came and Kambai left the paper, became a company and trademark. The dream has finally come true!

The development of the first pieces began, the selection of knits and fabrics, collaborators and partners. Meanwhile, e-commerce was developing and everything was being adjusted. Still newly born in 2020, Kambai had to readapt to the sudden changes in the market and, as every child rested, nourished itself to gain strength and grow. In 2021, Mateus, my boyfriend, joined me on this journey, also bringing his life experience and personality, making Kambai gain even more strength and identity.

Born in Brusque, a city in Santa Catarina known for being a textile hub, Kambai is a baby clothing brand that works from sizes RN to 3 and was created with the intention of bringing practicality, comfort and quality for babies to wear. We value comfort a lot, but without losing the delicate touch and joy of childhood. In addition to bringing products for moms and dads to dress their babies, Kambai was born to bring love to those who wear it.

We are passionate about what we do!!! In the entire production process of our clothes until the moment the goods are shipped, we take every precaution to make you feel very happy to be part of our family.

Kambai is made of people. Dedicated, hard-working people who are passionate about what they do. We want to offer the best shopping experience for moms and dads from all over Brazil, so that they can provide all the comfort and convenience to their babies.

With love,

I'm Heloise.